From the bottom of our hearts...

We are so thankful to God for giving us this land and all of our creatures we are able to raise each year. Thank you so much to anyone who has ever supported our homestead by buying from us. We are so blessed to have a community supporting us! 

Furthermore, thank you to anyone who has ever left a review or told a friend or family member about our homestead!

It's because of you all that we are able to continue to building our homestead and doing what we love.

-Hope and Harold 



Teelville Homestead is the best thing since sliced bread!! 

We buy our eggs and whole chickens from the Teels year round, and have only had great experiences.

This year, we purchased our Thanksgiving turkeys from the Teels, and they’re honestly the best turkeys we’ve ever had!  I just cooked a “practice” turkey, and even with minimal seasoning and high-heat the meat was super tender and juicy!  The bird basically prepped itself!

We can’t recommend the products or a chit-chat with Hope highly enough!!

-Kat McKinley via Facebook


Enjoying what GOD has blessed us with!

Family food creatures and the land! While enjoying and respecting it along the way.

Always remembering to thank him for those Gifts Daily

-Bonnie See via Facebook

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