Welcome to our Homestead.


Our Story

We started our homestead in 2017 with the idea of becoming more self-sufficient even though we have lived here for over 20 years and have raised 6 children who are now adults. Our 11 grandchildren love coming to "the farm" to see the animals. Harold is self employed in the residential construction field and I left my job to come home and help him while learning to expand our homestead skills. We started with a large garden and some dual purpose chickens and a few pigs. We soon added some ducks that needed a new home , Bourbon Red and Royal Palm Heritage turkeys, bottle calves and a couple small goats for personal use. 

pictured: Harold and Hope Teel of Teelville Homestead 

Our Homestead

All of the dual purpose chickens, Heritage turkeys and ducks are allowed to roam freely over our untreated 6+ acres of grasses, clover and timber areas during the day year round and penned up for safety at night. Along with the foraging, they are supplemented each morning with a small amount of grower feed or layer feed.

We sell both pasture raised chicken and duck eggs year round when available and have added several more dual purpose chickens this year to ensure egg production. Our ducks are either Pekin or Pekin/Rohan mixed and have been bred and hatched here.

We do not sell our dual purpose chickens but do sell Cornish Cross meat chickens several times a year. These birds are kept in chicken tractors on pasture for their safety and moved every morning to fresh untreated salad grass mix on our acreage. They are supplemented with grower feed daily and then processed at a USDA certified processing plant in our region. A limited number of both Bourbon Red and Royal Palm Heritage turkeys and our ducks are also sold after being processed at the same USDA processing plant. We have also added Broad Breasted White turkeys this year that are available for sale in time for Thanksgiving. The BB turkeys are being  raised on pasture inside electric portable fencing for their safety  and supplemented with high protein feed.

This year we have added raising goats both for meat as well as registered show goats and milking goats; Nigerian dwarfs and Myotonic.

It is important to us to raise our animals as humanely and as natural as possible, ensuring the best quality we can. 

pictured: Teelville Homestead located in New Windsor,IL