"Raised free and natural, the way God intended!"

All animals are pasture raised on limited feed on our untreated acreage. 

Broad Breasted Pasture Raised Turkeys
***currently unavailable***

Cornish Cross Pasture
Raised Chickens
$4/lb fresh on 05/31/23

Farm Fresh Pasture Raised
Chicken Eggs


Farm Fresh Pasture Raised
Duck Eggs



"Teelville Homestead is the best thing since sliced bread!!  We buy our eggs and whole chickens from the Teel's year round, and have only had great experiences!" 


"This year, we purchased our Thanksgiving turkeys from the Teels, and they’re honestly the best turkeys we’ve ever had! Even with minimal seasoning and high-heat, the meat was super tender and juicy!  The bird basically prepped itself! We can’t recommend their products or a chit-chat with Hope highly enough!!"

Teelville Homestead

731 310th Street

New Windsor, IL 61465

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